#WorldEnvironmentDay: A glimpse of Flora and Fauna in Bihar

#WorldEnvironmentDay Today is 5th June and its World Environment Day. The motto of celebrating this is to encourage awareness and action for the protection of our environment. We have one Planet lets Consume with Care. Nature and creatures have always…

How to  Read Newspapers  in 60 Minutes when Preparing for BPSC/UPSC  Exam

Reading a newspaper on a regular basis is a prerequisite for cracking any public service examination. Developing the habit of reading newspapers daily might take long hours for the beginners but once you have mastered the art of extracting the relevant information from it, the rest of the preparation journey becomes easier.

Greater Adjutant: World’s most endangered Stork sighted in Munger District for the first time

Greater Adjutant being the world’s most endangered Stork is sighted for the first time in Munger District at the bank of river Ganga near Shyampur village.

Tips to prepare Science and Technology for BPSC Exam for Non-science background Students

Science and Technology occupies a major section of the question paper in BPSC Exam and in other prestigious public service examinations. Although an advantage to the engineering or Science graduates, it becomes quite worrisome for those with non-science background. I,…

You Call it Dessert,We Call it Emotion-THEKUA

“You call it dessert, We call it emotion- “ THEKUA- It is not just a name, just a word hut it is an emotion for Bihar, for Bihari and for all of us. We feel connected. We get emotional. काश,…

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