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Greater Adjutant: World’s most endangered Stork sighted in Munger District for the first time

Greater Adjutant being the world’s most endangered Stork is sighted for the first time in Munger District at the bank of river Ganga near Shyampur village.

Sita Kund: The Holy Site of Munger

Sita Kund is one of the holy places situated at Mirzapur Bardah village in the district of Munger, Bihar. It is just 4 km from Munger railway station at the Bank of River Ganga.

Since Foods Connect Culture!

“Food from Bihar, Bihari cuisines, Let’s drool on some food from the locals of Munger. Sattu Poori, Makai ki Roti, Litti-Chokha, Chana Saag and many more.” One who is dined well, would sleep well.🍽Foods connect people and hence people connect…

Pir Pahar: The heritage site of Munger, Bihar

Pir Pahar is one of the heritage sites of the Munger District existing from the thirteenth century. A group of the hillocks in the Shankarpur village poses an awesome beauty near the bank of Ganga River. It is around 4…

Shakti Peeth:Temple of Maa Chandika,Munger

  Shakti Peeth of Maa Chandika is a Hindu temple situated in Munger district of Bihar. Located just 4km from the heart of the town of Munger. Tikarampur is the nearest village panchayat at the bank of river Ganga where…

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