Series I: 10 Incredible Photographs of Munger District, Bihar

This is our first blog which features young and enthusiastic photographers personality of Munger. The pictures belong to different themes. The themes include culture, life, festival, passion, development, nature and beauty of Munger. Clicking pictures with passions and showcasing your…

Birds of Munger,  Bihar: The first ever incredible experience

Two years of life at NIT Tiruchirappalli campus ignited the craziness of nature and wildlife in me. The following blog along with the pictures may surprise you a lot to think about the reality of nature and wildlife near you….

Kashtaharni Ghat: Taking a dip in the river bank  eases all  pains

Kashtahrani ghat is one of the holy banks of river Ganga at Munger District of Bihar. The Ganga takes a bend and moves towards the north, becoming Uttar-Vahini ( North flowing river ) at Munger. Taking a dip in a…

Munger Ganga Bridge: A perfect scenery in the countryside

When it comes to a beautiful and scenic view of nature near to the town of Munger, people always talk about the site of Munger Ganga Bridge near the bank of Ganga. The location offers a splendid view of nature…

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