Shobha Yatra night  turns into black day for Munger

Shobha Yatra night turns into black day for Munger

According to the tradition followed for more than 500 years, on the 10th day of Durga Puja (Dussehra) in Munger, Bihar, ”The goddess of Immense power: The Badi Durga of Sadipur, Munger go for Shobha Yatra. Shobha Yatra is one of the very few traditions in the world, where the deity goddess is carried on a specially made palanquin or Kaahar (lifted by a group of people or devotees on the shoulder). The Shobha Yatra starts from Badi Durga temple at evening takes almost takes 15 to 20 hours to complete all the rituals. It finally gets immerse into the Ganga on the next day at Sohji Ghat, Munger. The same rituals are also followed for the family of Badi Durga called as Chhoti Durga, Badi Kali and Chhoti Kali. And after the impression of the family of Badi Maa, all the Durga idols (around 100 idols) impression take place at Sohji Ghat. This is how the Shobha Yatra is a tradition followed in Munger for more than 500 years making the Visharjan very superior in Munger.

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माता की विदाई 😥

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Visharjan was shifted on 10th day of Durga puja (Dussehra)  

During this Durga Puja of Munger, as the Bihar Legislative Assembly poll 2020 date was announced that to be conducted on very next day of Visharjan. The Munger Police ordered all the Durga Puja Organisers to finished the immersion process on 10th day (Dussehra) evening itself. But it hard to understand how all rituals could be possible to be done in such a short interval of time. However, the Puja Organisers agreed to it.

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माता की विदाई 😥

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This Year Badi Durga Shobha Yatra

Badi Durga Shobha Yatra started on schedule time on 11:30 AM on 25th Oct. 2020 as ordered by Munger Police. It was going well. Shobha Yatra reached at Abmbe chowk around 2:00 PM, Gola around 4:00 PM and Badi Bazar around 6:00 PM. The Shobha Yatra of Badi Mata moved faster as much it was possible. The Aarti was completed at Prem Chhayakar near Azad Chowk around 9:30 PM. Till this time everything was going well. The Munger roads were full with devotees and Mata chanting all around.

Aarti at Prem Chhayakar near Azad Chowk around 9:30 PM

Suddenly, the Mata idol could not get lifted as some of the Kahaar (a group of people or devotees who lift the idol on the shoulder) get tired as they moved the Mata faster in the route. Some were saying “Mata got anger as she was quickly taken for Visharjan and not on proper time” The Kahaar tried another 25 times but Mata could not be lifted.

Another side, Jamalpur Mata Idols were forcibly made to move for immersion by taking them from another route by Munger police. No deity has been moved for immersion before Badi Durga of Munger.

Last day Incident

The Munger police ordered Shankarpur Durga committee to move for immersion before Badi Durga. The committee members refused and said police we could not move for immersion before the Badi Durga. The few minutes later, the fracas started when the police allegedly beat four persons who were carrying idols. The mob pelted stones on the cops, prompting a lathi charge on puja committee members as well as devotees. The situation could not get handled by the Munger police and they starting bullet firing on the devotees as well the puja committee members. The bullet firing went for many times. No administration came even offer assistance to transport the injured to the hospital.

An 18-year-old, Anurag Poddar was shot dead in firing after clashes. More than 20 people got hit with bullets in serval round of firing. The puja committee members and devotees around were lathi-charged and brutally beaten by Munger police at several locations.

All the puja committee members evacuated the street after the brutal attack by Munger police. It was midnight there was no committee members and devotees around the Mata idols lined in the street. The complete silence of Shobha Yatra night turns into the black day for Munger.

Jai Mata Rani!

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