The beauty of Rishikund: Pedalling on Bicycle

The beauty of Rishikund: Pedalling on Bicycle

“Rishikund hills and hot spring Rishikund is located at Haveli Kharagpur of Munger district”

It was 3:40 AM, I was getting ready for my daily ride but this time some things are different than usual. Energy and enthusiasm were completely different compared to everyday rides.

I was excited for my very first visit to Rishikund, a place I have heard a lot about but never even seen a picture of it. Rishikund is famous for its hot water spring and amidst natural beauty. Not only do people take bath in hot water coming out of the foothills of the mountain, but they also keep themselves healthy by consuming it. A higher level of sulfur in the water keeps it hot throughout the year.

I begin my ride at 4:00 AM from my home at Mangal Bazar, Munger, and my two friends joined me too, that day with their Scooty.

After pedalling for about 10 km we reach Nauwagadhi, from there we had 11 km more to go. Now the road narrowed and lead us on a path tough to ride. Water deposit and mud on the road from last night rain were making it even harder for us. Though I was relaxed and it wasn’t hard for me compared to my friend who was riding scooty.

On the way to Rishikund

As we proceeded, our ambience began to change. Now we are crossing green fields, mud houses and shelters made up of Palm tree leaves. After a few more minutes, we were completely amazed by the scenic beauty.

We were aware of what we may see there but hilltop covered in clouds !!
No way, we were not expecting that for sure. After the first glance of it, I totally forgot about the huddles we passed on the road.

Finally, we reached Rishikund, the exact location where hot spring and pond is located, I was supposed to be happy after reaching there but I wasn’t. I was devastated and sad to see the condition of the hot spring pond.

A place which carries geographic, as well as sentimental values, was not been respected and taken care of, as it should be. After spending some time there we head back home with a hope, that someday we may find this place in a better-preserved form and treated as a valuable heritage site.

Rishikund hot spring pond
Rishikund hot spring pond

About Rishikund

Rishikund is located at Haveli Kharagpur town a subdivision of Munger district. The nearest railway junction is Jamalpur and Bariarpur. The range of Rishikund lies to the south of Jamalpur hills range. The number of small hills near the foothills look amazing during the spring season. The hot spring of Rishikund has its own importance during Malmas month (falls in every three years during May to June). It is believed that a monk Shringi Rishi used to live in the hill ranges of the Rishi Kund. King Dasharatha was blessed with Lord Rama as his son after offering a Yajna (sacrifice, devotion, worship and ritual done in front of a sacred fire called Yagya) here at Rishikund after saying of Shringi Rishi.

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