Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express: An unforgettable journey by train

Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express: An unforgettable journey by train

When did you have last train Journey with Indian Railways?

Are you really missing out on your favourite route journey by Indian Railway? I know every Mungeri have their favourite train route on which they travel regularly. But due to the Coronavirus Pandemics and lockdown in the country, the trains are shut down.

Journey by Indian railway

Journey by Indian Railway always fascinates me. I choose to travel by train to a long distance so that I could spend time on the train doing something apart from regular tasks. This is the 1st time in the history of India when the trains services get stoped. Coaches have been converted into quarantine wards to tackle the epidemic of Coronavirus. It has never been in history and probably will not be repeated in history. 

Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express
Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express , Image by Ankit

A few months back, I got a chance to travel in the general compartment of Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Superexpress.  This train has connections with every Mungeri who travel to Kolkata and southern part of the country. I have memories of about 11 years travelling by this train. Thought, my frequent journey by this train has stopped since 2018 as I have shifted to Dhanbad.

But in the month of March 2020 during Holi, I got a chance to travel on the same 13071 Superexpress. The travel plan was random as I suddenly plan to go home instead of going to Dhanbad after finishing my work at IISER Kolkata. My two tickets could not get confirmed on the travel date. I searched for bus from Dharmatala to Bhagalpur least but could not get. It is a very tough task to travel on general compartment of 13071 during Holi or any festive season but I had no choose

When I boarded the train

At 8:45 PM I rushed toward Platform#13; train departs at 9:35 PM but when you have to go by general compartment you must reach at least before 40 minutes. Soon the train starting pulling toward the platform the chaos start, if anyone is travelling for the 1st time one will have no idea when start boarding the train. The windows and doors knocking start and most interestingly you see people start jumping into the train form window itself.   I didn’t do so as I knew that even I board late, I could occupy the upper berth seat and sleep freely. The time I got the upper berth I got excited that I could sleep well whole night. But it never happens, if you are choosing to travel in general during any festive season never think you can get a full seat even if it is an upper berth.

Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express
Inside general compartment of Howrah- Jamalpur Express

When the journey starts

When the train departed from the station, I could see their no space even to put your leg on the floor of the train. I waited for the next station to come, it was Barddhaman Jn, it waited for next it was Bolpur Shanti Niketan, next Sainthia Jn, next Rampurhat Jn finally at Barharwa Jn at 2:30 AM. I had very little nap while listening to music. The people I saw while at depart of the train keep standing on the same location and some of them trying to get some space on the floor till and some napping on the floor on other heads.

Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express
Upper berth of Howrah- Jamalpur Express

When you try going washroom

When people try to go washroom, it takes more than 10 to 15mintures to cross the people and reached to the washroom and at the same time, people say you “Toda Rok lo Bhai , Kaha jana hai , Jagah nahi hai “ and all that. Even more surprising is that when you reach the washroom you see the washroom gate remains closed for a long time and you knock it hardly and open to see it has vendors stuffs like vegetables and other eatables keep inside.

Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express

Around 4:00 AM train reaches Sahibganj, and rush in the train start to decrease. This train is almost full of passengers from Bhagalpur and they were now getting ready to deboard. The train reached the Bhagalpur station on time that day and l got my legs spread for the first time on the berth after 5:30 AM. I got a chance to sleep but I could not as I was near home now. I came to the gate as usually do when I reach the destination station.

At Ratanpur Railway Station
At Ratanpur Railway Station

When Reached Ratanpur

The train stops at Ratanpur Railway station, I breathed some fresh air and looked around it was so pleasant and I forgot everything about the last night journey at that moment. After getting signal, the train is pulled toward one of the oldest railway tunnels of India, Jamalpur Tunnel, the compartment goes dark for few second and crossed it. The unforgeable journey of Howrah- Jamalpur 13071 Super Express ends here and I reached JAMALPUR!  

PS: The story tells about thousands of people journey daily in different route in same way.

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