#InternationalYogaDay-Bihar School of Yoga, Munger: World first Yoga University

#InternationalYogaDay-Bihar School of Yoga, Munger: World first Yoga University

Bihar School of Yoga or Ganga Darshan is the first  Yoga University in the world established in 1964 by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati at Munger District of Bihar.”

Close your eyes, Feel the rise, No goal just integrate with soul, We are like a drop of rain. We will come from infinity. We will go to infinity, along the way but we can’t forget that we are infinite.  

Yoga asana breaks down the psychological, emotional, physical, energetic, and psychic obstacles that inhibit us from thriving,” Stryker says.

Paduka Darshan at Sannyasa Peeth near Ganga Ghat, Munger -Yoga Session

Meaning of Yoga

According to Hindu mythology book Ramcharitamanas written by Tulsidas, our body is made up of five elements that are Vayu, Agni, Jal, Prithvi and Aakash. These are called

“Panchamahabhuta”. These elements are the basis of all cosmic creation. 

Every single object & being in the cosmos embodies a diverse spectrum and fusion of five elements giving it unparalleled entity. Our modern science state that every particle of the universe made up of electron, proton, neutron.

Actually we can interrelate both of the theories-

Vayu(Air)-It represents the force of movement of the electron around the nucleus.

Agni (Fire)-It represents the latent heat of atoms

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Jal(Water) – It represents the force of cohesion that allows the electron, proton, neutrons remain attracted toward each other

Prithvi(soil)– It contributes a solid proportion of atoms (electron-proton & neutron)

Aakash(space)– It is the space which the elementary particle like proton occupy as well as the space in which the electron revolves.

All these elements are divided into seven major chakras of the body. The balance of seven chakras and Panchamahabhuta. Keeps your body &mind healthy.,and this balancing can be done by our ancient meditation technique which is called Yoga.

Yoga Asanas Picture by- Coni Hörler Photography
Yoga Asanas Picture by- Coni Hörler Photography

Yoga is the scripture to improve & develop the power inherent in a person in a balanced way. It can be also defined as uniting the individual soul with the universal spirit of God.Yoga was derived from Sanskrit word Yuj which means “to unite”, integration with your surrounding & nature. It turns your individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or discipline which originated in ancient India.

Satyananda Yoga

System of yoga developed by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage incorporates the yoga practice derived from an ancient and traditional source.  It includes asanas (postures) to balance the body and mind through the physical body, pranayama (breathing practices) to work on the energy body, and meditation to calm and focus the mind. It also takes a broader outlook by teaching and encouraging yogic lifestyles, not only for renunciates but also for householders and lay practitioners.

Paduka Darshan at Sannyasa Peeth (Part of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger)
Paduka Darshan at Sannyasa Peeth near Ganga Ghat (Part of Bihar School of Yoga, Munger)

The modern Yoga School 

In 1920 hatha yoga was strongly promoted in India with the work of  T. Krishnamacharya, Swami Sivananda and other yogists. Krishnamacharya opened the first hatha yoga school in Mysore.

In the modern period, many great personalities have contributed to internationalizing yoga. One of which I would like to name “Sri Satyanand Saraswati “ who established the Bihar school of yoga at Munger in 1964 inspired by Sri Sivananand Saraswati.  Bihar School of Yoga at Munger become the World first Yoga University of the modern era. Later, Sri Nirajananad Saraswati founded Bihar Yoga Bharti at Munger in 1994 to internationalize the benefit of yoga. Bihar yoga Bharti has not only preserved the ancient discipline of yoga but propagate yogic knowledge from door to door and has become our nation’s pride. Swami Satyananda and his team systematized the entire system of yogic practice in an academic way and made them easily intelligible to the modern mind. They have developed a series called “Pavanamuktasana”, which make it very easy for a beginner to start their yogic journey.

Bihar school yoga is also famous with the name of Ganga darshan. Ganga darshan (Yoga ashram) stands on a hill overlooking the Ganga river and gives an adorable 180-degree panoramic view of Ganga.

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Bihar School of Yoga: The Pride of Munger

Inspired by a modern yogic study, Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana or VYASA Banglore, Lakulish Yoga University  Ahmedabad came into existence in the 21st century.  Vivekananda Yoga University (VAYU), is opening it 1st  yoga university outside India in the United States in August 2020 for Post-graduation Course in Yoga.

Achievement of Bihar School of Yoga

  • In 2004 Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India (2002-2007) named Munger ” The City of Yoga” at his Visit in Bihar Yoga Bharati, & Ganga Dharsan, Munger of the Bihar School of Yoga.
  • Bihar School of Yoga is one of the oldest yoga schools in the world providing world-class yogic science by combining academic and scientific methodology with a spiritual vision.
  • Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal(BYMM) is an organisation of BSY to impart yoga education and practice for the children.
  • The second campus of Bihar School of Yoga Ashram is located in Rikhia, Jharkhand, India.
  • Sannyasa Peeth has been established at Paduka Darshan Gurukul ( a part of BSY, Munger ) in 2010 on the holy banks of the Ganga in the historic city of Munger.
  • PM Narendra Modi presented Yoga Award 2019 to Bihar School of Yoga  for Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga.

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