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How to Score 90+ Marks in BPSC Interview?

BPSC Interview is often regarded as the most crucial and critical factor in deciding the merit list in Bihar Public Service Commission. I, Swapnil Singh, from Aspirants Today, will share my BPSC Interview experience in this blog.”

Interviews are often known to be the last yet most important stage in BPSC or any civil/public service commission exam. However, what I have observed mostly is that the candidates are more confident in expressing themselves on a piece of paper than in front of the interviewees. Reason – Under confidence, Lack of effective communication skills, nervousness etc. But can these reasons be big enough for you to let go of your dream after coming so close? I will say – NO, NEVER. Always remember, what someone lacks in talent can be more than made up with self-motivation, guidance and right attitude. Some people are born with the skill-sets needed to ace an exam interview but others acquire them through perseverance and hard work. So never give up your courage and always trust your own capabilities no matter who says what.


Pattern of Interview stage in BPSC exam

The interview round of the BPSC exam carries 120 marks. The final merit list is prepared on the basis of the marks obtained in the Mains and Interview rounds which stands at a total of 1020 marks. Usually, the following range of marks decides your performance in the interview.

  • Average Score = 60-70;
  • Above average Score = 70-80;
  • Good Score = 80-90;
  • Very Good Score = 90+;

The approximate duration of a BPSC interview is between 25-35 minutes, however, it may be expanded or restricted depending on your Board and the prevailing situations of the interview.

Standard Interview Questionnaire

BPSC interviews are primarily considered to be the personality test rounds where a person is judged on the basis of his presentation, attitude and confidence rather than just factual knowledge. So, my first suggestion, to all the spirants, is to learn the art of articulate speaking rather than focusing on exaggerating the details about a topic asked. And for that matter, you may begin by preparing a list of all the expected questions as well answers that can be asked by the Board of Members such as:

1. Current Affairs – It is the most important section nowadays. Always be aware of the current events of importance till the day of your interview.

It comprises of 2 subcategories:

  • Factual – Related to data, figures etc.
  • Opinion- Based on your perspective about a topic in general. It is extremely necessary to have a point of view for an aspiring public servant as it decides your quality of understanding an issue in detail and making the right decision in the need of the hour.

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How to Score 90+ Marks in BPSC Interview ?

2. Bihar Specific – This section is also important as in state PCS exams, basic understanding of the current scenario of the state and existent problems is essential for working at the grass root level.

It comprises of following subcategories:

  • History/Geography of Bihar
  • Resources /your contribution in future etc.
  • Schemes and Yojana etc.
  • Issues related to Agriculture, Economy etc.

3. Optional paper – Another important area from where a large number of questions can be asked. Prepare your optional subject in detail to tackle all kinds of questions raised in the interview.

It comprises of following subcategories:

  • Any domain,
  • Case studies,
  • Favourite Section
  • Why did you choose the subject?

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4. HR Questions: They are the most general class of question asked to know about you as a person than testing your memory. This sections should be prepared well because it’s about your personal life where you cannot manage to say SORRY. The more you look confident in these set of questions the more you will be liked in an interview.

It comprises of following subcategories:

  • Job
  • Education
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Achievement/Failure
  • Responsibilities handled
  • Graduation subject knowledge

5. Unknown – These are mostly the random questions which are out-of-the-box and can only be dealt with a calm mind. Such questions might bounce over your heads but remember to always say SORRY in case you don’t know the answer than beat around the bush.

6. Self -made questions-You can add your own questions that you find relevant in context to your exam interview and prepare them wisely.

At the end, I will only suggest you to always learn to relearn and repeat as there is no human who can ever be perfect in any way. However, it’s your positive attitude and self- confidence that can make things work in your favor any day, any time. After all, success is not final, failure is not fatal but it is the courage to continue that counts.

Best wishes,
Swapnil Singh
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