Tips to prepare Science and Technology for BPSC Exam for Non-science background Students

Science and Technology occupies a major section of the question paper in BPSC Exam and in other prestigious public service examinations. Although an advantage to the engineering or Science graduates, it becomes quite worrisome for those with non-science background. I, Swapnil Singh, from Aspirants Today, would like to discuss my strategy of tackling the Science and Technology questions by non-technical students in the easiest and simplest way possible.

Public Services Examinations are one of the toughest and equally prestigious examinations all over the country. Covering a vast range of subjects, they deal with a candidate’s acumen as well as the presence of mind. Now the question arises – How to nail all the subjects of civil services examination’s syllabus? Well, in my opinion, the answers could be – Not quite possible. I won’t say impossible because there are always exceptions to every rule but commanding all the subjects in an exam, where there is no fixed syllabus, is quite demanding. So, the best thing to try for, in such a situation, is to target the subjects which are of utmost importance and are your weak points as well. What one needs to keep in mind here is that the UPSC/ BPSC don’t expect the aspirants to be the experts or masters in each of its subjects instead it only them to have a general knowledge about all the topics covered. Therefore, at first, just get the fear out of your minds that a subject is necessarily difficult because you lack background knowledge in it. With the right approach towards studying each and every subject, you can definitely develop a command over it.

Approach towards Science and Technology (S&T)

General Science and Technology is a subject that is equally important as other subjects for the UPSC/ State civil services exam, both in the prelims as well as Mains stage. Every year a large number of questions are asked from this section in commission exams. So, you can easily assess the importance of this section by going through their previous year’s question papers. Also in recent years, the civil service commission is focusing more on the analytical and dynamic aspect of S&T rather than the factual information. Therefore, nowadays, learning by art is a prerequisite than learning by heart.


Preparation Strategy

Generally, students from Science or Engineering backgrounds find this section easy, but others with a non-science background find this section a bit tough. As I am an engineer by degree so I didn’t have to face the struggles of acing this section unlike a candidate from humanities background so I can definitely share my piece of advice and preparation strategy to make your task a bit easier.

The preparation strategy for S&T requires:

1. Understanding the syllabus :  The S&T section primarily comprises of 4 broad areas:

a) Physics
b) Chemistry
c) Biology
d) Current Affairs such as Space, Computers, Defence Tech., Robotics, Nanotech.etc

The coverage of the first three subcategories requires basic understanding as well as conceptual knowledge. One can easily start his preparation by studying the NCERT books from Class 6 to 12. Keeping NCERT as your base, you can easily relate to its concepts with the ongoing current affairs.

2. Analyzing the previous year’s Question Paper:- This is the most effective way of understanding the core requirement of the type of exam you are appearing for. Read the questions well and demarcate how many questions from each subcategory are asked to specifically target each part. You can, then, prepare accordingly as the time and demand of exam permits.

3. Collecting the right study materials:- Having the right resources to study from, is a boon for any civil service aspirant.  For S&T, apart from NCERT, I will suggest you go through any monthly compilation of current affairs available in the market along with Lucent’s General Science book and Civil service chronicle magazine. You can also follow my YouTube channel for guidance.


4. Concept Building: – Concept building takes time but once you learn the right way of preparation, the journey becomes enjoyable. As no single resource can ever suffice your curiosity so always rely on searching into the depth of a topic. Also, in the recent trend, questions asked from Science often encompass a variety of other domains as well such as Geography, Environment etc. So, clarity of concept is utmost necessary until the technique of elimination comes to your rescue in the prelims exam.

5. Repeat, Revise and Recall: Studying a limited number of resources multiple times is better than studying multiple resources in a limited time. Therefore I will always suggest you to focus on consistent revision of your own personalized notes along with the reference books to develop confidence about the topics covered. Plan a 6-day schedule to revise the contents regularly and solving as many questions as possible through test series.

At the end, I would like to wish good luck to all the aspirants who are going to appear for the UPSC Prelims 2020 and 66th BPSC Prelims 2020. Keep your focus on the target and you shall achieve your dream.

Best wishes,
Swapnil Singh
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