Five Golden Rules to Crack BPSC Exam in First Attempt by Swapnil Singh

“BPSC is the most prestigious and tough government recruitment exam in the state of Bihar. I, Swapnil Singh from Aspirants TODAY  will share with you the five Golden Rules to crack BPSC in the first attempt.”

When we talk about public or civil services, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? The answers might be – power, position, prestige etc. But are the public services all about these stereotypical connotations? Well, I believe not. And while working as an administrator in the Bihar Government, I can definitely bet on that. It is more of a responsibility and duty than just being a white-collar job. So, if you truly wish to be a public servant and work for the upheaval of your country or state at the grass-root level, I will recommend you to appear for Public Service Commission Examinations.

About BPSC

Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) is the most prestigious and tough government recruitment exam in the state of Bihar. It is a public service examination (just like UPSC Civil services at the centre) to recruit gazetted officers under the Bihar Government. It is conducted in 3 stages- Preliminary/Objective MCQs stage, Mains/Descriptive answer writing stage and finally the interview/personality test round. While the preliminary stage is only qualifying in nature, the marks in Mains and Interview stages decide the merit list rank.

How to start the preparation?

For the beginners, there are a few rules to follow that I will suggest. I call them my FIVE GOLDEN RULES of success in the BPSC examination. I hope these rules are also applicable to all kind of exams.

First Rule

The first rule states that to qualify the BPSC exam in the first attempt, one must understand its syllabus and pattern and strategize accordingly. The syllabus comprises of subjects such as Indian polity, Indian and Bihar Geography, Economics, Science & Technology, Bihar History, Maths etc. To understand these subjects, an in-depth study is extremely essential and one can begin by reading the NCERT books of classes 6 to 12.

Second Rule

Many students have asked me -“Ma’m, we devote 10-12 hours a day but why are we not able to crack the Bihar public service exam”? Always remember, cracking any Civil service examination requires HARD WORK as well as SMART WORK. BPSC mainly focuses on national as well as Bihar related conceptual knowledge. Simply learning the fact and figures won’t help you in the long run instead try and develop your own perspective and analytical thinking about the topics you cover. The most important quality of an administrator is a decision- making that requires a strong sense of opinion. I am sharing you the detailed strategy to clear BPSC Exam via a Youtube video.

Detailed Strategy to clear BPSC exam in First attempt 

Third Rule

 Another rule that one must follow to crack the BPSC exam in its first attempt is to analyze the previous year questions. It does not give you an idea of the level of questions that will be asked in the exam but also helps in deciding your course of action while formulating your study plan. For example, when I was preparing for my BPSC Prelims, after analyzing the past year’s question papers; I found a pattern in the number of sports-related questions being asked. Such questions were on a rise in the successive prelims ranging from three to five in number. This helped me in preparing for the sports section in detail and as a result, I was able to solve nearly 5/6 questions out of 7 sports-related questions asked in the 60-62nd BPSC prelims exam.

Fourth Rule

The next rule one must always keep in mind is to learn to play on your strengths than being worried about your weaknesses. I  knew that I was not good at objective MCQs so I worked hard to prepare for my prelims rather than my Mains as I am a writer since my childhood days. Knowing that I was good at expressing my thoughts on a piece of paper helped me in surpassing my BPSC Mains stage with flying colours. Likewise, I will suggest you to always trust your own abilities and work on your weak points. Being an administrator doesn’t require you to be perfect; it only requires you to be SMART.

Most important current affairs on Science & Techechnlogy for BPSC Exam

Fifth Rule

The last rule to remember is to never consider your first attempt as a trial version. Be as serious in your first as you will be in your last. Your efforts will decide your fate so every time you feel like giving up, keep reminding yourself why you started the preparation.

In the end, I would like to wish good luck to all the aspiring candidates for the upcoming 66th BPSC Prelims Exam. Prepare with all your sweat and tears and be ready to enjoy your success.

Remember the words: TRY, TRY TILL U SUCCEED

By: Swapnil Singh
District Audit Officer, Saran, Bihar
60-62nd BPSC Batch (in First Attempt)
IIT-BHU (Masters in Chemical Engineering)
Email id:swapnil15march@gmail.com

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