Sita Kund, Munger

Sita Kund: The Holy Site of Munger

“Sita Kund is one of the holy places situated at Mirzapur Bardah village in the district of Munger, Bihar. It is 4 km from Munger railway station at the Bank of River Ganga.”

You all have ended up watching ”Ramayana” on television recently. The enticing attributes of characters of Ramayana leave a great impact on us and one of them is Sita Maa. Munger has been notable for its exquisite variations of holy sites, and one among them is “Sita Kund”. This holy place of Munger has always fascinated me to explore more about it.

Hot Spring enclosed by a grilled fence called Sita Kund Picture by Pankaj
Hot Spring enclosed by a grilled fence called Sita Kund Picture by Pankaj

Background from Ramayana

According to Hindu mythology, the epic of Ramayana by Valmiki Muni describes the life of Rama, prince of Ajodhya. As mentioned in the epic the Rama along with Sita and Lakshman was exiled for fourteen-year of “Vanwas” by his father King Dasharatha on request of his step-mother ‘’Kaikeyi’’ and Bharat was crowned as king. They left for forest moved further and deeper into the forest day by day.

An encounter of Surpanakha with Rama (Ravana’s Sister) in the forest complained with Ravana. Ravana abducted Sita from the forest and took her to Lanka (now Sri Lanka). An epic battle against Ravana was initiated by Hanuman, ideal devotee of Rama. He burnt the whole of Lanka except the place where Sita was and returned to deliver the good news to Rama. And finally, Rama & Lakshman accompanied by Hanuman Sena got victory over Lanka after Rama Killed Ravana and finally and recovered Sita.

A Hanuman Temple at Sita Kund
A Hanuman Temple at Sita Kund

How it gets the name as Sita Kund

After the victory over Ravana, the Rama refused to accept Sita since she had been living in a demon’s palace.  She was as asked for faces a trial by fire by Rama to prove her chastity called “Agni Pareeksha”. When Sita entered into a burning pyre intending to give up her life, fire god rose from the flames, carrying an unhurt Sita in his arms and said:

एषा ते राम वैदेही पापमस्यां न विद्यते 
“Here, Rama, is your Sita. She has not an iota of sin in”

Rama was exceedingly pleased to know that Sita was sinless. The myth says that Sita after “Agni Pareeksha” when came out of the fire unscathed, she took bath in a water pond. The heat absorbed in her body during “Agni Pareeksha” was imparted to that water pond and has remained hot ever since. After this pond become famous with the name called “Sita Kund” and the Sita Kund became one of the important hot spring sites of Bihar.

A Temple Inside the Sita Kund
A Temple Inside the Sita Kund

About Sita Kund

Currently, the location of the hot spring is enclosed by a grilled fence making a reservoir called Sita Kund. The small channel of water comes out of the reservoir (Sita Kund)  and flow outward where you can have experience of touching it. Along with this Kund, there are three other ancillary Kunds named as “Ram Kund” in the west, “Lakshman Kund“, “Bharat Kund” and “Satrughan Kund“. These are not hot water reservoir and water level in these goes down during summer. There are some temples located inside the campus of Sita Kund.

Visitors from outside the town come to see this holy place and take a bath to cure them of some skin diseases. Some studies also show that hot water cured many diseases and skin related problems. So, this hot spring of Sita Kund is aesthetically as well as medically important for the society. The Hot water comes out from all water source in the vicinity of around 2 square kilometres. The local people used this water mainly for bathing and drinking.

Villagers shop during Magh Purnima
Villagers shop during Magh Purnima

During Magh Purnima

Sita Kund gets special attraction during Magh Purnima. A big Mela (fair) for one month is organized by the authority of the Sita Kund and nearby villagers. This year the Mela was stated on 8th Feb. 2020. Pilgrims from Khagaria, Begusarai, Lakhisarai and other parts come to Munger, take a dip in the holy river Ganga and offer worship to Mata Janaki Sita. Some Pilgrims do enjoy taking bath from the hot spring of Sita Kund. The whole sites of Sita Kund get decorated and various shop-lined on the street. Significantly, Maghi Mela at Sita Kund is also known as Furniture Fair. The wood furniture is sold at a very affordable cost in the Mela. People from other district specially visit the mela for the purchase of this furniture.

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A village about 6 Kms East of the Munger town contains a hot spring known as the #SitaKund spring, which is so called after the well known episode of Ramayan. Ram, after rescuing his wife Sita from the demon king Ravan, suspected that she could not have maintained her honour intact, and Sita, to prove her chastity, agreed to enter a blazing fire. She came out of the fiery or deal unscathed, and imparted to the pool in which she bathed, the heat she had absorbed from the fire. The hot spring is now enclosed in a masonry reservoir and is visited by large number of pilgrims, specially at the full moon of Magh. . . Pc: @gauravsharma7686 Hashtag 📍#Incrediblemunger Tag @incredible.munger.bihar : #mungerdistrict #mungerbihar #mungerbihar #lj_snaps #indianrailways #mobileshutterbugs #cloud_ig #photofie #photographerlife #photooftheday #photograph #photoshoot #india_mobile_click #munger #bihar #mob_photography #mobile_phoneography #indian_igrammers #natgeo #naturephotography #nature #naturephotos05 #justclicks #ishootonmobile #india_ig #naturelovers #incrediblemunger #dslrofficial #amazing_bihar_jharkhand

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Scientific  Fact about Sita Kund

If you are really curious about how the water temperature remains at 100 degree Celsius inside the Kund you need to know about research undergone and going for more than 340 hot spring of the country.  India is more or less largely provided with more hot-springs than other countries.

The Hot Spring: Sita Kund
The Hot Spring: Sita Kund

Study of several researchers founded that the hot spring situated in the area of Bihar get the heated water mainly because of the result of flushing back of groundwater along the fault line under the earth. These springs are contributed by rainwater which infiltrates from the pond nearby and contributes to local groundwater. The source of heat for this groundwater is the presence of a heat zone due to its tectonic history and radioactive elements along with the huge amount of Sulphur present below the ground.

The campus inside the Sita Kund
The campus inside the Sita Kund

Keeping all these scientific explanations, on the other hand, Sita Kund emerges its own religious value and social impact on the life of localities. Local pilgrims always remain active at this place. The region where this site is situated in a Muslim area and they also understand the aesthetic value of this hot spring. Villagers take part and help in initiating the Magh Purnima Mela every year.

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