Since Foods Connect Culture!

Since Foods Connect Culture!

“Food from Bihar, Bihari cuisines, Let’s drool on some food from the locals of Munger. Sattu Poori, Makai ki Roti, Litti-Chokha, Chana Saag and many more.”

One who is dined well, would sleep well.🍽Foods connect people and hence people connect to culture.🐚🌻

Roti, daal, Aaloo dum with Gulab jamun

Well, this is my first ever food blog, before bluffing I should be polite with my work. So here the beauty I am presenting. Hope you would love it.

Being a Bihari

Bihar, a state in East India, divided by different languages- united by the foods it serves. A rich culture serves varieties in its own ways. Well, the Major Ethnolinguistic Groups are: Bhojpuris, Maithils, Magahis. Not only them, the languages it has is vividly large, hence the culture, hence the platter of foods served with mild spices but more love.

Origin of tastes

Now you think, the one who grows well, cultivate well.

In this blog, I will not talk and share with you the only dish the state is famous for. But we have the delicacy of many such great and drooling foods. Bihar really has a great history of foods. Why not it has? Majorly, the source of income we Biharis have is from farming and agriculture. And most of us are farmers and having this background. Obviously we are proud of it. Cause our country is also known mainly for agriculture. Also, one who grows well, cultivates well would suppose to eat well.

Hence, we have our own tastes in food. We have our own cuisines which most of you don’t know.

Let’s dive into some

Okay you being judgemental about the cuisines that we only eat litti-chokha all the day, and thekua in our snacks and bhat-dal (Dal-chawal), Chokha and Aaloo (or any green veggie) bhujiya in our dinner 😃then definitely you are wrong. They are just few. Literally they are just the basics.

Aata-chitwa ( Wheat flour pancake)

Starting from the most popular dishes which are originally from the state of Bihar:

1. Ahuna mutton (Ahuna mutton or Champaran meet).

2. Sattu paratha.

3. Daal poori/Kachauri.

4. Roti/Paratha/Poori with Aaloo bhujiya (no this is not chai-time namkeen aaloo bhujiya.. this is sliced Aaloo-fries).

5. Chana saag.

6. Litti chokha with sarson ki chutney (of course).

7. Makki ki roti with sliced onions sprinkled with mustard oil.

8. Roti with kathal aaloo ki Sbji.

9. Poori-Ghughni.

10. Daal-bhat, Chokha with Dahi and Achaar.

In mithaas or tea-time snacks,

we have:

Thekua, nimki (namakpare), Balushahi, Launglata, Chhora-fry, Jhaal-mudi, Pakaudi, Pyaaz-kachri, Gobhi-aaloo bhajiya, Sooji-halwa, Aata-chitwa (Wheat flour pancake) and many more.

  • Yes, Makhana kheer is our origin. Since, Bihar has the highest production of makhana in the country.
  • For all that who do not know the most proven healthy refreshing morning drink: Sattu-sharbat {sattu is roasted gram powder and it is mixed with normal or chilled water and few mint (Pudina) leaves and dryly roasted jeera powder}.

Trust me, once you see them cooking or served to you, you will fall like never. One more speciality of our cuisines is they all are prepared in Mustard oil or Shudh ghee, which is absolute good for health.


Relevance and popularity

Foods mentioned above and will be added in our next blogs, you will definitely get to know the importance and relevance of them. Some have some religious beliefs behind, some have environmental and climatic concerns and some have an impact from neighbouring countries and neighbour states, bordering Bihar.

Litti chokha with Sarson ki chutney

But, judging this state by just Litti-chokha is really heart-breaking for all us, especially who understands it’s tastes, it’s culture and it’s vivid variety of food or cuisines. We, Biharis, never feel biased about our foods, and do share our tastes in foods and platters to states like Jharkhand, Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and some with Madhya Pradhesh.

Being a resident of Munger, a South-eastern state of Bihar is living the culture and heritage since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Historically, Munger is known for being an ancient seat of rule. Having one of the best taste of foods, the people of Munger also drool on the cuisines of Bihar. There are many small-local stalls and joints are now running by the locals to feed us and also the tourists, travellers who pay their visit to the town.

Thanks for your valuable time and patience! in reading the blog which is very close to us. As foods represent culture and culture defines people. We Mungeris owe you. 

क्यूँकि दिल का रिश्ता पेट से होकर जाता है।🌸🧡

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  1. Perfectly described many delicious cuisines. It was Worth knowing our diverse food culture blended with ecstasy.
    Keep up the good work.

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