Sakal Dev Tuddu : Man with 6ft “Jattas” for the last 40 years

Today, we tell you about to an incredible person of our !ncredible Munger district. Meet Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63,  a resident of Dangri Village of Haveli Kharagpur block of Munger District having six-foot-long dreadlocks or ‘Jattas’  which he has not washed and cut  for the last 40 years.

Sakal Dev Tuddu, 63 with  his six-foot-long mat of hair

Tuddu says, “It all started when one day morning I awoke up and see my hair. It had spontaneously  turned into dreadlocks or ‘jattas’ from that day I believe it a blessing from God.”

From that day, he has kept that long hair uncut because he believes God visited him in a dream and asked him never to cut it or wash it. He did not wash his hair and also abstained himself from eating non-veg,  drinking and smoking from the same day he sees this his long hair turned into ‘Jattas.

Our country is rich in culture and home to many different beliefs. It is belief of villager that Tuddu is like a holy man. He has blessed childless couple many times coming from different places. He also prepares homemade treatments and medicines and provides to childless couples.


Apart from local attention, people from different villages and cities often visit Sakal in his house to take his pictures. As a sign of respect, many villagers call him ‘Mahatma Ji’. He currently lives with his wife, Rupiya Devi, his three sons, three daughters, and seven grandchildren. Previously, he worked for the forest department of Bihar for 31 years.

Sakal Dev Tuddu is from of Dangri Village of Haveli Kharagpur in Munger. Pic by:Barcroft media

Tuddu wears his mat of hair on top of his head like a turban. He also wraps it up in a white cloth to stop it getting dirty and trail on the floor behind him when he goes out.

Tudda wears his mat of hair on top of his head like a turban

The record for the world’s longest dreadlocks is held by Kenyan-resident Florida woman Asha Mandela, whose hair measured an incredible 110 feet (34m) in 2018 when she was 55.

So next time whenever you go to Haveli Kharagpur block of Munger District , must visit this village and meet this incredible person.


Pictures  courtesy: Barcroft media

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