Street Photography: Different mood from the Street of Munger

Street Photography: Different mood from the Street of Munger

Street photography in the district told the story of the people of Munger. Like before the youth of incredible Munger explored the street of Munger in a street photo walk.

The team headed by Harsh along with Prem, Dsk, Aman, Mukesh, Sanket started the walk from Badi Mahavir Mandir, Munger. 

Check out the street photography from the street of Munger.

1. Full of Curiosity on street photography: The tailor shutting down his shop after finishing his work in the evening.

Photography  by: Prem Anand

2. Work is Worship: A cycle mechanic from Cycle Patti, Munger concentrating on truing the wheel of a cycle.

Photography  by: Prem Anand

3.Favourite subject: He sells Prasad at Badi Mahavir Mandir. Baba never misses getting clicked by a photographer.

Photography  by: Harsh Vardhan

4. Being thoughtful: A sugarcane juice seller while no customer in his shop thinks about today sells so seriously.

Photography  by: Kumar Saket

5. Munger Bhaskar: The bad news is that the photographer caught with the camera by his subject.

Photography  by: Prem Anand

6. The mobile click: A white beard old man Baba comes closer for getting the portrait from mobile.

Photography  by: DSK

7. State of lethargy: While the market is down for orange the vendor feel dozing on the street.

Photography  by: Kumar Saket


8. An honest day’s work: A vegetable vendor after honestly selling his vegetable calculating his profit of the day.

Photography  by: Prem Anand

9.Happy Children: They smile every time times we go to meet them.

Photography  by: Aman Kumar

10. Doze off: A worker or Rikshaw wala takes a deep doze near to a road in mid of his work.

Photography  by: Badal

11. Wondered: A person on the street wondered of being click in the road with the big gear.

Photography  by: Ankesh Roy

12. Ek Kapra: The importance of one cloth is being shown by this girl who does have a fitting cloth. The picture is clicked at a slum village near Munger Railway station.

Photography  by: Mukesh

If you liked our photo do join us on the next street photo walk of Munger.

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  1. All photographs are incredible as ur Incredible Munger.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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