Hero Rajan Kumar: India’s own Charli Chaplain hails from Munger

Hero Rajan Kumar: India’s own Charli Chaplain hails from Munger

Everyone knows Charli Chaplain, a worldwide icon through his screen persona, “The Tramp” and is considered as the most important figure in the history of the film industry worldwide.

The iconic figure of the silent-film era, Charlie Chaplin died on December 25, 1977, and reborn on 15th April 1978 in Munger district of Bihar as Hero Rajan Kumar just after three months.Hero takes the rebirth again; he follows in the footsteps of the Little Tramp, he is an International Performing Artist, his name has been recorded in Gunnies Book of Records and Limca Book of Records in 2010 as   The Charlie Chaplin-2

About Hero Rajan

Hero Rajan Kumar, born on 15 April 1978 and brought up at Tetia-Bambar of Munger district in Bihar. The acting was always in his blood and like any wannabee actor, Hero also treads the path at the age of 13. He ran away from his home to follow his dream.

After completing his course in acting from HCRT Mandi N S D and Kishor Namit Kapoor Acting School, Rajan Kumar learnt to dance and martial arts to giving performances when opportunities came his way.Hero was fond of art and cinema from his childhood, thus he began his career as an artist with a local group in his village. He became popular in Mandalis (Singing and Performing Groups) and soon was in demand. He left his village and shifted to Delhi to pursue his acting dreams.


Hero Rajan Kumar soon became a famous Indian Bollywood personality, a theatre actor, a mime actor, a writer, a poet, a Musician and a Director. However, the artist in him was not satisfied with his immediate success. He was craving to learn and sharpen his skills in order to perform his best. His search took him to Shri Satyadev Dubey, eminent personality of Indian theatre in Mumbai. Shri Rajan Kumar learnt the nuances of the theatre while acting in some very successful plays directed by Shri Dubey such as Premchand’s Bade Bhaisaheb (1998) and Vidyadhar Kundlik’s Karmbhoomi.

Title of Charlie Chaplin-II

From the age of 22 he has been miming Charlie Chaplin and till date, he has played Charlie Chaplin for over 12000 hours in about 4000 shows in India and abroad, for which he received many awards and accolades comprises Guinness and Limca World Records. The beautiful and motivational quotes of The Charlie Chaplin-2 have given a great message to young and inspiring mind of India as well as our Munger. 

“Show must go on” & “Jai Hind” became Rajan’s favourite quotes. “Making people entertain, laugh and smile is my true religion; no matter what I am playing Rajan or Charlie.” “I believe, all luxuries are waste if I enjoy life without making people laugh.” “Life is very wonderful, every moment it teaches us but we are not ready to learn, hence suffer miseries.”

Hero says, “Today whatever name and fame I have earned it is because of this Charlie Chaplin shows. I have been lauded with respect and honour from in every not only nook and corner of the country but also abroad. I will continue performing these shows.”


Namaste Bihar

Finally, after all, the success story of Hero’s life, he comes to serve his own Bihar and ignited the screens with his first Hindi feature film ‘Namaste Bihar’ with U/A censor certificate; which hits the screens on November 2, 2018, all over India. The most interesting thing I would like you to tell you that the shoot of the whole movie was done at Munger District.


Watch the full movies here

The lead actor Rajan Kumar ‘Charlie’ says about the film, “Namaste Bihar has education, religion, philosophy and salvation, and all rolled into one and is my humble gift to Bihar. The film is made with a lot of finesse and is closer to our heart. I would want each and every people to watch the film and appreciate our sincere efforts.”

Hero became an icon of Election Commission of India- 2019

The journey of Hero does not finish in Mumbai; he becomes an icon of Election Commission of India- 2019 for the upcoming general election. The hero will create awareness among voters about casting their votes in LS polls. Now, Rajan Kumar will participate in all programs to create awareness among voters and will inspire them to cast their votes in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.On being appointed as an ECI icon, Rajan Kumar appeared very happy on the occasion he said that


“I have been given this responsibility and I will shoulder my responsibilities with all seriousness and interest. I will reach out to the public, make voters aware of the importance of voting and will encourage them to vote.’’ 

Working as charter in different movies

He  worked  with different directors in different plays such as Bhasal Balcharitar by Shri Bhoomikeshwar Singh (as Krishna, 1999), Anupam Kumar’s Mrigtrishna directed by Shri Satyabrata Rout (as Acharya Jatil, 2000), Girish Karnad’s Hayavadan (as Hayavandan, 2001), a self written and directed play- Hansi ka Khazana no Bahana (as Charlie Chaplin II). His current production Hansta Bachpan is also written and directed by him. He performed the character of Shahjahan at International Taj Mahotsav, Agra in 2004, played in the glare of International media and audiences


·         Shaher Maseeha Nahi (Rajan Sahay, lead role, 2015)

·         Junooni Murder (Amit Verma, lead role, 2013)

·         Char Mulaqaatein (Ravi, 2010)

·         Rafoo Chakkar (Proxy Hero, 2008)


·         New Year Eve Special DD-1 (Romeo, 1998)

·         Yeh Hawayein (Ghost, 2005)

·         Hero (Balle Ballu, 2006)

·         Lapataganj (Bol Pur ka Ladka, 2007)

·         Chidiyaghar (Dance Judge, 2008)

·         CID (Rajiv , 2010)

·         Hum Aapke Hain In-Laws (Pappu Khan, 2010)

 Award and honours to Hero

·         Nomination for Padmashri puraskar in 2013 and 2015 by the Union Government of India.

·         Limca World Records (2nd) for presenting 125 roses to 125 old aged people at an Old Age Home in 125 minutes performing as Charlie Chaplin II in Goregaon, Mumbai.

·         India World Records for presenting 125 roses to 125 old aged people at an Old Age Home in 125 minutes performing as Charlie Chaplin II in Goregaon, Mumbai.


·         Limca World Records 2014 (1st) for performing Charlie Chaplin for 12000 hours in total 4000 shows in India and abroa.

Show must go on” & “Jai Hind”

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