Goenka Shivalaya, Munger

Goenka Shivalaya is Lord Shiva temple situated in Munger district. The place is famous with the name Machli Talab as the temple is surrounded by a pond having a huge number of fishes.

Shivalaya is situated at Sadar hospital road near to Gomati Goenka hospital so-called Goenka Shivalaya. Gomati Goenka is a baby ward extension of Sardar hospital at the southern end of the Shivalaya campus. The temple was built in the 19th century by Goenka Ji. There was  Ashram of  Swami Sivananda on the temple premises. But these days the place occupied by some local authority and caretaker of the temple.

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There are some other temples of Parvati, Ganesh, and Hanuman apart from Shiva inside the premises of Goenka Shivalaya. This temple made of white marble shines in the night and looks amazing in moon night. The main temple is amid a well-constructed water body having beautiful fountains illuminated at night. The water pond is filled with large no of beautiful fishes.


At Shivalaya during Shravan month

The shrine of the temple has is the importance during the month of Shravan “a holy month dedicated to spiritual practices and religious offerings to Lord Shiva “.  Shivalaya is decorated with full-fledged and illuminated with colourful light. The devotees and pilgrims come to offer Jal and worship in large number to the Shivalaya during Shravan month. Every Monday of Shravan month is special for devotees of Lord Shiva.  Shiva grants a boon to devotees, who repent for their mistakes and ask for success, evade negative energy, bad luck, etc. This is the day when one attracts the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati together.

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The glory of this Shivalaya is that other festivals are also celebrated here with full rituals. Shivlings are poured and bathed in milk and decorated with flowers. The festival evening is always special here.

The pond situated around the temple is filled with fresh and bluish water and one could enjoy feeding fishes during the visit to the temple. A square lane is made around the water pond which gives a splendid view of the temple campus from the top.

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What I always enjoy here is sitting on the deep stairs of the pond feeding and seeing the fishes. Sometimes the fish take the piece of eatable just form your hand. There is a beautiful garden surrounding the temple, adorned with several flowers and trees. The garden around the temple gives the feel of the fresh atmosphere inside the temple premises. The gorgeous flowers at temple square are a huge attraction for many tourists and locals during winter when the flower blossoms in large number. The mounted chairs are placed around the temple for the visitors.

Visiting the Shivalaya on a usual day gives you peace and calm atmosphere to enjoy with your friend and family.

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