10 best places to visit in Munger during new year

Do you know why we are posting this blog? The new year is approaching, everyone must be planning and searching for the Picnic spots in Munger. Isn’t it?

The Land of Raja Karna, Munger has some extremely beautiful destinations. With its rich religious and historical inheritance, around the district itself gives you an excellent number of picnics spot.

We have heritages sites, beautiful hills, the bank of Ganga, hot springs, and much more to explore and celebrate during the year. And here are the best picnics spots in Munger District, that must be a part of your celebrating with your family and friend in the new year.

1.Hills of Jamalpur: Famous with the name of Kali Pahar, the spot has been a famous picnic place for the countrymen since long. Kali Pahar tops this list of best Picnics places in Munger because of its serene beauty and attraction. It is also called the most beautiful place in Munger District. The water filter, Lotus Lake, Death Valley, Kali Temple and much more to see at this hill.

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2.Hills and hot spring of Rishikund: Munger is endowed with a number of hot springs. The hot spring of Rishikund is among the important and well-known hot springs in the district. These hot springs have its own supernatural importance. The hot spring of Rishikund has its own importance during Malmas month. Since the place is surrounded by small and beautiful hills it attracts a huge number of visitors during the new year. The visitor can enjoy the bath in the hot spring pond during the chilling days of the new year.

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3.Bhimbandh: It is located inside Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary, 30 km of the south-west of Munger. Forests cover an area of 681.99 km² on the hills and undulating tract of Kharagpur Hills offers a splendid view of nature. The hot spring of Bhimbandh is another attraction of the place.

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4.Kharagpur Lake: Located in Haveli Kharagpur, one of the three subdivisions in Munger district, 25 km drive from the centre of the town. The large water body surrounded by a range of Kharagpur hills of is an awesome destination for a picnic spot in the outskirt of the city.

5.Pir Pahar: The heritage site of Munger: Pir Pahar is one of the heritage sites of the Munger existing from the thirteenth century. A group of the hillocks in the Shankarpur village poses an awesome beauty near the bank of Ganga River. The site is around 4 km from Munger city is accessible by bike and car easily. The Sunrise and Sunset are always pleasant from the top. The architecture of heritage building looks amazing during the evening when sun rays fall on it from the west.  A Radha Krishna temple is situated on one the hillock near to the village of Shankarpur looks amazing from the top of the hilltop.

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6.Sita Charan: Have you ever explored a different side of Kastaharni Ghat on the boat crossing the Ganga. Sita Charan is very much unexplored till date. A small island or Hamlet across the Kastaharni Ghat where a Temple called Sita Charan is located. Manpathar is located near to the temple, a renowned rock on which impression footprints of Maa Sita is believed to be get imprinted when she touched the rock while crossing the Ganga.

7.Jai Prakash Udayan: In the heart of the city, the most demanding picnic spot for the children during the new year is Jai Prakash Udayan, also called Company Garden. The place offers enough place for gardening and place to Picnic during new year and its heavily crowded as it is located inside the city The Surrounding has excellent natural beauty. The huge campus of Bihar School of Yoga looks amazing from the garden. There is enough space for children to play and enjoy during picnic as the polo ground is also very near to the garden.

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8.Ganga bridge Site: The Morning and evening is very much pleasant at the site of Munger Ganga bridge. The mighty View of Ganga is amazing from the site. A small dam along the Ganga for protecting the near habitant also give a better experience when you walk along it.

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9.Goenka Shivalaya: Goenka Shivalaya is Lord Shiva temple situated in fort area. The place is famous with the name Machli Talab since the temple is surrounded by a pond having a huge number of fishes. The main temple is amid a well-constructed water body having beautiful fountains illuminated at night. There is a beautiful garden surrounding the temple, adorned with several flowers and trees. The pond water is blue and having greenery look in which one could enjoy feeding fishes. A square lane is made around the water pond which gives a splendid view of the temple campus from the top.

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10.Kashtaharni Ghat: The site of Ganga Ghat is always been the best destination to hang out for Mungeries. On a special day of new year, the sanctity of Ganga can be felt more at Kashtaharni Ghat in Munger. The other Ghat can also be explored like Sojhi Ghat, Babwa Ghat near to the city. Take a boat ride available on requesting a fisher boat and enjoy the sprawling view of Ganga during this new year.

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