Chhoti si Khushiya: Celebrating Diwali with the joy of giving to the needy children

Chhoti si Khushiya’‘  is a  Campaign by !Ncredible MUNGER and Mungeri Professionals to spread happiness among the needy people and children of the town”

The theme of this activity during Diwali 2018 is to celebrate the festival of light with the joy of giving to the needy children. We made this Diwali special to those needy children who struggle for a piece of sweet and cracker on the festival of Lights by spreading happiness along with them.

”Chhoti si Khushiya” would become this much of bigger our team of Incredible Munger and Mungeri Professional had never been expected. Our team members along with volunteers were full of excitement and enthusiasm to make this Diwali special to those needy children of the town.

The children were so excited when they heard about   ”Chhoti si Khushiya” that they will be given sweets and crackers. Soon our team reached the polo ground, we saw the children crossing the boundary of polo ground and running toward us. We Interacted with them, we made them shout louder and louder, we ask them to sing songs, we ask them to dance, we made them feel happy to the fullest. We finally distributed sparklers, cracker and sweets among them. This is how we celebrated ”Chhoti si Khushiya” among the needy children of the town.

Everyone knows Diwali is the festival of Lighting, sweets and hand full of sparklers and crackers for the children. We find the children on the same auspicious day watching just on the sky waiting for the sparklers to spark and crackers to crack.

They are just like us but could celebrate Diwali because of financial condition. We see children they do not eat properly, how can they celebrate the festival?

We together helped around 250 slum children to celebrate Diwali 2018. A  box full of sweets and a pouch full of sparkles, lights, crackers and candles were distributed among those children. We covered three locations of the town for distributing sweets and crackers. Firstly around 150 slum children of Fort area were distributed with the boxes at Polo ground Munger.  Then We moved to a slum area of near bus stand and finally at near Lal Darwaza.

The Lightning of Sky lanterns and releasing them to the sky was further followed after completing all these activities along with the children. The euphoria among the children during the release of the lantern was noticeable.

We would like to thanks to our donors, well-wishers and motivators who helped us, directly or indirectly, to make this event successful. We would like to thanks to all organisers, volunteers and supporters of INcredible Munger and  Mungeri Professionals.


”You can make the donation for our upcoming activity under “Chhoti si Khushiya”.All the donation can be made by paying at Paytm /Google Pay (Tez) /Phone pe/BHIM @  8404995995.”

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