Durga Puja of Munger,Bihar

Durga Puja of Munger,Bihar

Durga Puja marks the most auspicious days to Hinduism. Celebrated with fervour and festivity all over north India, and every Hindu community the world over, dedicated solely to Maa Durga (goddess Durga) and her nine avatars.

 Festival of Durga  Puja the ceremonial worship of the mother goddess, is one of the most important festivals in India. Apart from being a religious festival for the Hindus, it is also an occasion for reunion and rejuvenation, and a celebration of traditional culture and customs.

This puja, I could not stop myself to visit my hometown Munger for Durga Puja celebration after 3 years of long wait. Nothing is better than experiencing Durga puja of Munger. A 12 days mega festival of the town brings joy and happiness among the people of the town.

Vibes of Durga Puja in the town

The vibes of Durga starts as you see the rush in the town for shopping. More than 200 locations are decorated and illuminated almost for 12 days. From street of Sadipur to Lal Darwaja to Shankarpur, every Pooja Samiti gets ready to welcome Maa Durga in their own way. The lights never get switched off thereafter the whole night.  Loudspeaker sound resonance at every street of the town. The city doesn’t sleep and its people, decked up in finery, enjoy the revelry to the hilt.

The Family of Badi Dura Maharani

The speciality of Durga Puja of Munger lies at every street and corner of the district. The Group of the idols at Sadipur, Munger has got a special power and attraction called “The Family of Badi Dura Maharani “. The Badi Durga Maharani the goddess Durga with immense power is believed to be superior to other goddesses.  “The Family of Badi Dura Maharani ” include BadiDurga Maharani, Chhoti Durga Maharani, Badi kali and Chhoti kali.

At Maa Chandikasthan on Puja days

Another attraction point is Maa Chandikasthan: one of the sixty-four Shakti Peethas of India located at Basudeopur, Munger. The devotees offer Jal to Maa Chandika from the 1st day of Navratri till 9th day. Offering Jal and worship during  Durga Puja is believed to be more fruitful as Chandika Shakti Peethas is one of the 108 forms of Maa Durga.

Goddess Durga appearance

Ten-armed goddess riding the lion, the Sudarshan-Chakra, which spins around the index finger of the Goddess, the lotus in the hand, the sword, the bow and arrows signifies immensity of Devi Shakti. The earthen idol of Goddess Durga has got her family also at her place accompanied by those of Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya.

While the rituals entail ten days of fast, feast and worship, the last four days Saptami, Ashtami Navami and Dashmi are celebrated with much gaiety and grandeur. The people rush to pandal and temple for Durga Darshan these four days.

Badi Durga Visarjan

The final day called Visarjan when idols are seen off to Ganga for Immersion. The Visarjan day of Durga Puja Munger has got some unique story to tell. Every Durga idols from the town more than 200 line a row come to get immersed in the same Ganga bank called Shohji Ghat with some sequence order on the same day till midnight or till early morning of next day.

Another interesting and mysterious story about Badi Durga Visarjan is worth telling. The family of Badi Durga i.e Badi Durga idol and Chhoti Durga idol is carried on special made Palankeen lifted by a group of people or devotees on the shoulder. The  Palankeen is made to follow some defined route of the town and made to roam all around the town whole night on the devotee’s shoulder and finally, getting aarati at Mahavir Mandir around 10.00 A.M to get immersed in Ganga.

Jamalpur Durga Visarjan

Some year Visarjan doesn’t get finished on the same 11th day. The idols get late to reach Munger town as they travel 10 to 12km. So, the Jamalpur Durga Idol Visarjan goes till the 12th day. And the celebration Continues to the 12th day also. The Jamalpur Durga Samiti ( organization )  gets special attention every year because of their unique lighting and decoration of Pandal. The people wait till midnight or next early morning to see the idols of Jamalpur.

Munger Durga Puja  schedule   2018

  • Mahalaya -9 Oct.’18
  • Maha Panchami -14 Oct.18
  • Maha Sasthi -15 Oct.18
  • Maha Saptami -16 Oct.18
  • Maha Ashtami- 17 Oct.18
  • Maha Nabami- 18 Oct.18
  • Bijaya Dashami- 19 Oct.18
  • Badi Durga Sobha Yatra -19 Oct.18 ( Munger Durga Special)
  • Visarjan Day 1-19 Oct.18( Munger Durga idols Visarjan Special)
  • Visarjan Day 2 -20 Oct.18 ( Jamalpur Durga idols Visarjan )


Things to do during Durga Puja of  Munger 

    • Offer worship and Jal to Chaandikasthan from day one to nine.
    • Explore the street of Saidpur, Munger where lies the Immense power Shakti “Badi Durga of Munger”.
    • Amid to the town in the early morning of Visarjan day, the aarti done at Bata chowk by Shardh Samarpan Group could amaze you if you watching it for the first time.
    • The line up of Goddess Durga idols along with its family start from Traffic No: 1 and goes till Sahji Ghat in a proper sequence give worthy way to see all the idol of Munger on the day of Visharjan.
    • Do not miss  ”the chat of Debu and Ashok”, ”Khulfi of Sri Ram”, ”Somosa at Amber”  and taking Jalebi to home from Nirmala.
    • Do not miss to watch the fire and cracker at Ravanwadh on Vijyadasmhi at Polo field of Munger.


Pictures Credit: Rahul Gupta

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4 thoughts on “Durga Puja of Munger,Bihar

  1. Don’ t miss to offer Ganga Jal to Candikasthan at midnight. ( Between 1 to 6 am) because after that you have to go to your work or school

  2. If you are native of Munger,you never wish to be out of your favorite town during Durga puja days.its nothing like anything, its so special, so specific, so earthy,it has a smell of munger adorn and embedded all over it.from the very penultimate day of the beginning of pooja,almost all the urban and suburban munger is adorn with loudspeakers and sound box,you can hear religious songs as early as 4″ O” clock in the early morning, it looks so soothing to ears and satisfaction it gives to our heart and mind,intact people of munger wait for it all through the year,as they eagerly wait for chhatha puja.as munger is strategically and thankfully situated near the banks of river Ganges,I personally have very beautiful moments in my life,when I was a child, I walked and strolled on foot to cover almost all puja samitis and pandals in effectively eleven days of beautiful moments of this puja.
    Munger is small but beautiful place in the sense,because it has the zest ,power ,mind and eye to protect its puja fervour and culture.the roads of munger have become better than grande,olden and golden days but population has also increased exponentially and dramatically ,rather drastically. The town has expanded but development and facilities have not.all these things have little shadows over the puja we mungerites come together to organize as proud and nostalgics.all the samitis are bound to register themselves with the authorities of the government, it helps in better atmosphere and security during durga puja all around.all the samitis are allotted numbers for their identity and immersion in order and strictly according to law,in this legendary series,Badi maa,or badi durga mata of shadipur munger has historically and legendary number uno or number one position amongst the idols and samitis. Legend has it ,that artist who make badi maa idol,has changed or died but badi maa in his looks and grandeur and positioning has not.whenever you look at her from any corner,she looks straight at you.when you go there,or whenever you go there for worship you may have satisfaction of worshiping the special and unique deity.

    I intend to write more next day
    Ashish k pathak
    Teacher, M S Sarha
    Road no. 9

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