10 featured Instagrammers from Munger,Bihar

Here comes our second blog which featured some of the well-known Instagrammers from Munger. Check out the feed of top 10 featured Instagrammers from Munger, Bihar. We would love them. Do follow them and enjoy the sincerity of your own town Munger.

1. Kayak boy from Munger

Have you ever tried rowing boat into the Ganga of Munger? Meet 27-year old Sushant from Bekapur, Munger who has quit his Job to pursue his passion for Kayaking. He has launched Kayakboy, a start-up in Mulky near Mangaluru, Karnataka. Sushant has explored river Sita on Kayak and has already finished paddling more than 2500 km on his Kayak. He is going to set some world record soon in Kayaking along the Indian coast. Check more out about Sushant kayaking: https://kayakboy.in/

2. Featured artist & dancer of Bollywood

Check out Menka’s Instagram account. She is an artist and dancer hails from Munger and worked in a number of Bollywood movies. You could often see her Instagram pics posing with some famous celebrity and director like Rohit Shetty. Recently she was seen posing with Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor during the set of a movie and performance.

3. Traveller, Blogger & a Photographer

Explore this awesome gallery of Muki & Camera. This Instagram feed is filled with images from different part of the country. A traveller, blogger and wildlife enthusiasts wanted to see everything through his lens. He is also a passionate photographer and has dreamed to create biggest and incredible gallery of his own district Munger. Check out his blog here: https://mchandra18.blogspot.com

4. The frame of town by Mobile photography

Do you love photography? But you do not own a DSLR. This Instagram feeds motivate you how you could be a good photographer using your mobile click. Perm has clicked awesome frame from our town. Overwhelming with a 3k follower, his galley is among the top mobile clicked galley of the town.

5. The Prime shooter

Pranav Prabhakar is a freelancer professional Photographer from Jamlapur. He photographs in wedding and functions with his Nikon D750 and D5300. He also does portfolio shot for the models. Check out his feed and account for more detail.


6. Love for Calligraphy

As with many genres on Instagram, there’s tons talent out there. But you would love to see the art of calligraphy by Paakhee. Her Instagram account feeds are full of beautiful calligraphy work or lettering. These days she is working on calligraphy of 30 Urdu words with its meaning. Do not miss to check them out.


7. Railway Youtuber

How much you like to travel by train within Munger and nearby? Do you have a million viewers on your youtube account? Check out Niraj Youtube channel he loves to shoot the trains clips. Here is the link of his channel: https://www.youtube.com/nirajkumar


8. Man of DSLR

Give a read to the story below in the feed. Abhinav is one of the oldest known photographers I knew from our town. He really has a very good skill and enthusiasm for photography.


9. Mobile photography by DSK

Meet another crazy mobile photographer from the town. His Instagram is feed with some of the magaical eveing of Kashtaharni Ghat.

10. Incredible Munger official account

How can we forget our own Instagram feeds. Do you really love our feeds? Thanks to our regular contributors who are making this gallery beautiful. This picture is clicked by bad_fotography. Does it seem bad in any sense?


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