The Untold Story of a 3 year girl Sana who fell into a 110-feet borewell near Murgiachak area ,Munger

This is a story of 3-year girl Sana who fell into a 110-foot-deep borewell near Murgiachak area of Munger District in Bihar. Relentless support from SDRF, NDRF, MungePolice, Army Offical including the local residents of Munger helped this kid to pull from the borewell safely after 30 hours.

What happened to Sana?

Three days back only Sana has visited her maternal grandparents’ home in Munger. On Tuesday around 2:30 P.M she unknowingly slipped into a newly constructed borewell while playing near it at the courtyard of the house. Before her mother could save her to slip into the borewell, Sana fell into it and started crying. The family members and local resident got notice of her mother shouting and hence gathered inside her house.

Meanwhile, Sana’s mother was trying to find her inside the borewell and talking, the local police officer was informed by local people about the incident.SDFR team along with Munger police officials arrived soon on the site. Rescue operations were launched soon after the SDRF team reached the spot.


The good news during the earlier stage the rescue operation was that the SDRF team had managed to lower an oxygen pipe to ensure supply of fresh air to the kid. The CCTV camera was installed to monitor the condition. Sana was found stuck at the height of 42 feet of 110 feet borewell. To prevent the more slippage of kid an L shaped rods was put inside.

Sana talked to her mother!

Amid all the chaotic situation kid’s mother is trying to persuade her child and saying ” Baby I am here only, Papa, Mummy, Nanu everyone is here only, we are playing hide and seek game baby ”. But how a  3- year ignorant child could understand the situation she has to face in coming hours. Borewell was so small that only child’s one hand could be seen throughout the rescue operation.

At the same time SDRF rescue team trying harder to get near to the kid. They were trying for  L-shaped bigger well parallel and adjacent to the borewell in a bid to reach out to the child. Because of unavailability of modern pieces of equipment, the digging work was very slow and the team was able to dig only to 4 feet during 1st five to six hours.

Joint operation

Soon the good news came to notice that a  team of  NDRF and a Special task force have been summoned from Patna and Bhagalpur to help in the rescue effort. The STF along with NDRF joined the rescue operation equipped with the modern machine and JCB for drugging the L-shaped tunnel faster.

Lack of space for the crew in the residential area and rains had caused lots of obstacles during the rescue operations. But all minds was set the get back Sana as soon as Possible. Relentless support from SDRF, STF, NDRF, MungePolice, Army Offical including the local residents of Munger helped this operation making it a massive rescue operation ever in the country of its kind.

Massive rescue operation continues throughout the midnight and till morning and people across the country waiting for the Sana update, whether she is rescued or not? Prayer and blessing for Sana life erupted across the country. The tweeter flooded with the blessing of Sana and hashtag  #Prayforsana and #PrayforSonno.The people across the country started sending blessing through facebook feed and comments.

Day 2

Now, this is mid of next day when Sana fell into the borewell some NDRF officials updated ” Rescue officials need to dig down seven feet more as of now to get the girl safely form the Borewell and Sana baby is well and fine into the borewell. we can see the movement of hand using installed CCTV camera. ” This was a relaxing movement for the Sana family and people across the country.

The rescue team reached to Sana

Soon after in the evening official has updated that rescue team has reached till Sana where she has stuck but due to some difficulty in making horizontal dig it may take some time to get Sana but they also confirmed that they can get Sana any time from now.

We got Sana

This was the second evening and almost 30 hours since Sana was into the bore well. People across the country were watching the rescue operation live on their TV. And at last the successful attempt to get Sana from 42-feet deep borewell was accomplished by rescue team around 9:30 PM. Immediately after being brought out, she was rushed to the ICU of Munger Sadar Hospital in an ambulance kept ready at the rescue site.

Euphoria among the people

People were filled with euphoria and applause. The whole rescue site was filled with the resonance and cheer of Jai Maa Durga … Jai Maa Kali …Jai maa Chandike … and many more. The people were excited about the Sana that she came out safely with a new life. The whole country blessing worked out for Sana.

SANA: A brave girl

No doubt after seeing and knowing this story everyone is talking about Sana braveness. she kept her-self unfearful and alway form mother in dark for more than 30 hours. The brave 3-year-old responded and followed all the instructions carefully given by the rescuers. Sana is very well and fine now and send to Patna for just minor treatment. When her mother had her 1st-time conversation when she was able to talk, Sana told her name and one rhymes to her mother.

Why was this rescue a difficult task?

  • Borewell was very narrow so there was no chance of getting the kid without digging a parallel and bigger L-shaped tunnel.
  • Sana was a just 3-year kid and could not tie or grab the rope her self so it becomes difficult to pull Sana manually.
  • The child could not be nourished properly because of her young age.
  • It was rained on the second day of the rescue operation and made the task more difficult

A big Thanks to all

This massive operation could be not possible without the Relentless support of SDRF, NDRF, MungePolice, Army Offical including the local residents of Munger. Everyone is thanking all who were the part of Sana rescuee operation directly or indirectly. And yes this successful operation has proved our unity and believe is our strength. It made once again feel us better Mungeri.

Get well soon SANA. We all love you!


Watch the full video here!

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  1. It’s a proud moment for all mungeri to get Sana well . Please learn from this accident,it will never be repeated.

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