Malmas Mela of Rishikund, Munger

Malmas Mela of Rishikund, Munger

”It was a rainy day  I remembered ! when I visited Malmas Mela of Rishikund for the first time. I manage myself to stand on the scooter footrest and my father drove from home to Rishikund which is around 25km along with my mother and elder sister. The dark cloud touching the hilltop and hovering over it fascinated me. I wished I could touch the dark giant once. Finally, this year my wish come true and  I reached the top of the Rishikund hill ”

©Copyright image →Beauty of small hills of  Rihiskund Range

Munger is endowed with a number of hot springs. The hot spring at Sita Kund, Bhimbandh and Rishikund are among the important and well known hot springs of Munger. These hot spring have its own supernatural importance. The Sita Kund hot spring attracts a large number of pilgrims during Maghi Mela (falls during January or February). The hot springs of Bhimbandh at Kharagpur are one of the Picnic Spots during the new year. The hot spring of Rishikund has its own importance during Malmas month (falls in every three years during may to June ).

Malmas month has special significance for Hindu and it comes only once in three years. It is believed that religious activity carried out this month is more beneficial than the usual time. Because of this believing Hindu devotee of entire India are engaged in religious activities such as worship, Bhagavada Bhakti, fast fasting and yoga throughout this month.

©Copyright image →Devotees at  Rihiskund during Malmas month

Dham of Rishikund in Munger has got the significance to organise the Malmas Mela long back. It attracts thousands of devotees a day during Malmas Mela. Devotees take holy bath at hot spring and offer worship and prayer at different hot spring source and temples. This year Malmas Mela was held at Rishikund from 16th May to 13th June 2018.

©Copyright image →Devotees queue  at one of the temples  at  Rihiskund

Know about the Religious significance of Malmas Month

According to the Hindu calendar, Malmas month comes after every three years during the English month of May, June or July. This is also famous with name Purushottam Mas and Adhik Mas.

According to Vasishtha Siddhanta (one of the earliest astronomical systems use in India), Adhik Maas or the extra lunar month occurs after every 32 months, 16 days and 8 Ghatis (a Ghatis is a period of 24 minutes and 60 Ghadts equal 24 hours).

As we know a solar year is made up of 365 days and about 06 minutes and the lunar year is made up of 354 days. Thus, both the solar and the lunar years have gaps of 11 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes and 12 seconds. As this gap increases each year, it approximates in three years to one month called as Adhik or Malmas.

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©Copyright image →Devotees offering  worship  at one of the Kund ( Hot spring source )

It is written in the Devi Bhagavata Purana, that charitable and meritorious acts and fastings etc., carried out during this Mal Maas (Adhik Maas), inevitably produce results. Just as atomic sized contents within a seed produce a giant and long living Banyan tree, so, in the same manner, even a little charitable act done during Mal Maas (Adhik Maas) produces big results.

Malmas Mela at Rishikund, Munger

Malmas Mela at Rajgir in Nalanda district and Rishikund in Munger district are famous all over the country. This year Malmas Mela was celebrated from 16th May to 13th June according to English calendar at both the place of Bihar.

Rishikund in Munger District, Bihar has got the significance to organise the Malmas Mela long back. Though the Mela has not got the national level importance it attracts thousands of devotees a day during Malmas Mela. Devotees take holy bath in the hot spring of Rishikund and offer worship and prayer at different hot spring source and temples.

©Copyright image →Street of  Rishikund during Malmas Mela

The street is spread with colourful strings and cotton crafts. The local sweet like Jelebi, Padakiya, Khaja, Peda, Laung-Latika all line a row for sell on the street. The local vendors enjoy the seasons as they get some perks from it. The shiny day of mid-summer can’t be served without some instant energy drink. I found a small boy with lady preparing a colourful set of drinks under a big umbrella and fascinated me to have one glass without asking how it would taste.

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©Copyright image →Steeet of  Rishikund during Malmas Mela

As you move toward the foot of Rishikund Hill you will see a pond full of water. The water coming from the hot spring source get collected in the pond. There are seven sources of hot spring in Rishikund. The water near to the source is purest and hottest. These hot spring sources are occupied by priests (Pandas) who can help to offer prayer and worship. Devotees can either take bath near to this source or in the pond. There is a number of temples to offer Worship.  

©Copyright image →Devotees taking bath in the  pond where hot spring get collected

It is believed that a monk Shringi Rishi used to live in the hill ranges of the Rishi Kund. King Dasharatha was blessed with Lord Rama as his son after offering a Yajna (sacrifice, devotion, worship and ritual done in front of a sacred fire called Yagya) here at Rishikund after saying of Shringi Rishi. According to all these believing, Rishikund has its own particular religious significance.

©Copyright image →A monk at  Rishikund during Malmas Mela

Why Malmas Mela at Rishikund can’t be made a National level fair??

After talking to local people and devotees present there on a particular day of Mela I found them very happy that they are part such kind of Mela which hold significant importance for them. But people are disappointed with management and arrangements. The road to Rishikund is not properly maintained and people get difficulty in travelling to this place. The cleanliness around the Kund (Reservoir of hot spring where people take the holy dip) is not up to the mark. There is no proper change room for female devotees and not even some place to take rest.

©Copyright image →Temples  of  Rihiskund

When I ask a priest to tell something about this Mela he replied: 

 ‘‘Malmas month has special significance for Hindu and the religious activity carried out this month is more beneficial than the usual month. The holy bath at Rishikund remove one skin diseases and stomach disorders are removed from the consumption of purest water coming as hot spring.’’

Talking with a local management body about this Mela present there, He replied:

‘‘The government does not take attention to this Mela though it has a great importance all over the state. The same Malmas Mela at Rajgir has been given National level importance this year by Our chief Minister Nitish Kumar. We will work together to get our Rishikund Malmas Mela to the national level. But it could be only possible with help of our government. Thank you!

The beauty of Rishikund Hills

Three sides of Munger district is surrounded by the holy Ganga and the rest south by beautiful small hills of Kharagpur Range. The range of Rishikund lies to the south of Jamalpur hill range. The number of small hills near the foothills look amazing from the top of Rishikund. The trekking to the top site of Rishikund is easier and it starts near to the Kund (Pond).   

©Copyright image →Bird’s eye view of the Rihiskund site

How to reach Rishikund spot?

Situated at Haveli Kharagpur town a subdivision of Munger district. Nearest railway junction is Jamalpur and Bariarpur. One can get a public and private vehicle from Bariarpur directly to Rishikund during Mela time. The best mode of transport is available at Jamalpur railway station. Parking facility is available there and is managed by local people during Mela.

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