Series I: 10 Incredible Photographs of Munger District, Bihar

Series I: 10 Incredible Photographs of Munger District, Bihar

This is our first blog which features young and enthusiastic photographers personality of Munger. The pictures belong to different themes. The themes include culture, life, festival, passion, development, nature and beauty of Munger.

Clicking pictures with passions and showcasing your skills is an art which needs lots of effort and dedication from day to days. My three years of Facebook and Instagram handle of Incredible Munger page and sharing those incredible pictures clicked by those young and energetic folks could not stop me to write this blog. The picture showcased here are no doubt clicked in Munger District.

Enjoy watching those ten  Incredible Photographs from Munger District, Bihar .

1. The incredible Train

Picture by: Duncan McEvoy

Duncan McEvoy, A Railway photographer from York, England during his visit to Munger in 1992 clicked this picture.  2-8-2 WG 9626 pulls out of Jamalpur station, Bihar with an early morning eastbound mixed.

2. An evening at Kashtaharni Ghat 

Picture by: D S K graphy

An evening is always mesmerizing at  Kashtaharni Ghat having a scenic view of Ganga. The marvellous pattern of blue and gold and pink and orange and yellow across the sky over the Ganga during Sunset always fascinates the visitors. Read more about Kashtaharni Ghat.

3.When Nature inspires you! At Jamalpur lake

Picture by: Mukesh Chandra

”Inspiration is the key to success ”.The picture is clicked at Jamalpur lake during a Photowalk at Jamalpur organised by Incredible Munger.

4. Two dedicated friends

picture by Prem (Roxtar Romeo Snapshot)

This guy gonna be an inspiration for so many very soon. Learning by yourself is a great art. Two friends are dedicated and hardworking toward their own interest. One loves to click and one loves cycling stunt.


5. Festive mood in the city

Picture by: Kushagra Abhinav 

Festival days are always special in Munger. From the start of the year till the end the festive mood of the city never ends. This picture is from the chhath puja, People wait near Babua Ghat for their turn for Aarag ( To offer worship to the Sun ).

6.Street of Munger during Holi

Picture by: Aman Kumar

Children are filled with curiosity during the days of the festival. This Holi, we come out to the street of Munger to find out the level of curiosity among the children. The picture was clicked near Din Dayal Chowk when the street was flooded with people for marketing a day before Holi, 2018.

7. A silhouette boat in the red ocean

picture by: Kumar Saurav

Photographing at Kashtaharni Ghat, Munger always gives you bliss. There is a certain sanctity to this place when I see and photograph it. People love to visit here because of several reasons. The beauty of this place has made it the best destination of towners to hang out often here. Read more about  Kashtaharni Ghat.


8. Farmer’s last hope: The Rain!

picture by: Saubhik Biswas

The picture was clicked on a Local train between Jamalpur to Kiul. A farmer waits for the downpour in the town while returning to this home.

9.Festival of Munger: Durga Puja

Picture by: Ranjeet Kumar

Nothing can compare to Durga Puja celebrations in Munger, Bihar. More than 10 days of celebration with traditional cultural make the city a place of attraction. The city doesn’t sleep and every corner of the city get bathed in lights and its people, decked up in finery, enjoy the revelry to the hilt. In this picture a young artisan giving the final touch to an idol.


10.Lovely evening at Pir Pahar

Picture by: Mukesh Chandra

Pir Pahar is one of the heritage sites of the Munger existing from the thirteen century. A group of the hillocks in the Shankarpur village poses an awesome beauty near the bank of Ganga River. Experiencing the Stunning view of the sunset from the top of the hill is mindblowing. It is a Perfect place to hang out with friends in the evening and for photography enthusiasts. Read more about Pir Pahar.

Thanks to the photographer of Munger for clicking all these stunning pictures of Munger. Keep your spirit Up! We will soon come up with our next series of incredible photographs of Munger. Keep sending your pictures.

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  1. I’ve ever visited many places.#MUNGER is one of them. It’s a historical place & also an exotic of bihar. Historically, Munger is known for being an ancient seat of rule.The climate of Munger is subtropical.Munger Fort, covers an area of around 222 acres,all the governmend departments is also here in the brink of river Ganga . Chqndika sthan is known as a shakti peeth.A Railway work shop is established since the age of English @ jamalpur.A tobbacoo factory is also a big plant of munger….

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