Kashtaharni Ghat: Taking a dip in the river bank  eases all  pains

Kashtaharni Ghat: Taking a dip in the river bank eases all pains

Kashtahrani ghat is one of the holy banks of river Ganga at Munger District of Bihar. The Ganga takes a bend and moves towards the north, becoming Uttar-Vahini ( North flowing river ) at Munger.

Taking a dip in a river has always been a tradition for Hindu mythology. The dip taken in Ganga has a speciality of being holy and sacred to Hindu in our country. But dipping in the so-called Kashtahrani ghat (Bank) has it own interesting story people believe.

View of temples along with Ganga at Kashtahrani Ghat
©Copyright image by Ved → View of temples along with Ganga at Kashtahrani Ghat

The name of the place itself depicts its feature. The first-word ”Kashta (कष्ट) ” indicates pain and second ”harni (हरणी) ” indicates expel or erase. So it literally means- “the bathing place which expels all pain“.According to popular past beliefs, taking a dip in the Kashtaharni Ghat relieves all the pain and soothes mind, body and soul. The historical evidence of Ramayana has proof too.

Main Entrance of Kashtahrani Ghat, Munger
©Copyright image →Main Entrance of Kashtahrani Ghat, Munger

Located on the bank of river Ganga near to the heart of the town in the Fort area. The place is easily accessible by road travelling toward Fort area from Bus stand of Munger. The area around the kashtaharni Ghat is full of the natural site and some of the cultural and heritage land. From morning to evening vibes and festive mood and to hang out with friends and family are always joyous here.

Historical Importance

Epic of Ramayana by Sage Valmiki describes very well about the religious importance and historical tales of Kashtahrani ghat. Lord Rama Chandra and his brother Lakshmana on their way back from the encounter with the demoness Taraka, took rest at this spot. The relaxation they had, gave it the name of Kashtaharini Ghat. It is also mentioned that being a pilgrimage Lord Rama on his return journey from Mithila to Ayodhya after getting married to Sita took a dip in this bank with his company to relieve themselves from fatigue and listlessness.

Geographical Importance

The Ganga takes a bend and moves towards the north, becoming Uttar-Vahini ( North flowing river ) at Munger and making Kashtaharini Ghat located on it a holy destination for Hindus. It is believed that Uttar-Vahini Ganga holds a special auspiciousness to Hindu mythology. North flowing river in the different places like Sultanganj (Bihar), Barh (Bihar), Varanasi and Kashi (UP), and Haridwar (Uttarakhand) also hold a significant importance for Hindus. Another famous place located opposite to river bank called as Sita Charan again has a tale to Ramayana.

A floating water pump house located near to it supplies fresh and pure water to the city and hence is called the life of Munger town. Heart of town gets an abundance supply of water throughout the years from this location.The place poses an awesome beauty of Nature.

Festival & spiritual mood

A boy selling Puja Stuffs on a usual morning at Kashtaharni Ghat
©Copyright image →A boy selling Puja Stuffs on a usual morning at Kashtaharni Ghat

The place is full of pilgrims and devotees on every usual day of morning. They take a dip in the river and offer worship in the temples near to the bank. The Shiva temple and Radha Krishna temple and lot more in a row near the bank of it where one can offer worship. A temple just aside the bank of the river called as ”Ganga temple‘ are dipped into the water most of the time during the flood. It is believed that the flowing water of Ganga come and meet this idol Ganga every time during the flood making the temple sacred and holy.

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But during festivals days and full moon days ( Purnima ), the spot attracts more pilgrims from the different corner of the district and outside indeed. These festival days you will find people here full of exuberance, spirituality, devotion faith and holiness. The days of Durga Puja and Chhath Puja are always full of excitement for everyone.

Devotees taking bath on a special day of full moon at Kashtaharni Ghat
©Copyright image →Devotees taking bath on a special day of a full moon at Kashtaharni Ghat

The beauty of Kashtaharni Ghat

There is a certain sanctity to this place when I see and photograph it. People love to visit here because of several reasons. The beauty of this place has made it the best destination of towners to hang out often here.

The beauty of sunrise and sunset is amazing and mesmerizing. Take a boat ride across the Ganga and view the awesome architecture of temples along with mighty Ganga. The view of Munger Ganga Bridge looks beautiful from the boat ride and kashtaharni Ghat as well. You can find lots of fishers boat rowing across the river.

The marvellous pattern of blue and gold and pink and orange and yellow across the sky over the Ganga during Sunrise and Sunset always fascinates me to visit here regularly. The soft waves of water when lapping up over the stairs play out the perfect symphony and one can get lost in it. The cool breeze when tugged you when you face toward the river on the top stairs of the Ghat.

Five things to do at Kashtahrani ghat

  • Perfect location to hang out with friends and family during the early morning and evening.
  • Take a boat ride available on requesting a fisher boat and enjoy the sprawling view of Ganga
  • Take a holy dip in Ganga and offer Jal and worship in the different temples over there.
  • Enjoy the most stunning sunrise and sunset view near to the heart of town.
  • Never miss visiting this place during any festivals like Durga Puja, Chhath Puja, Special full moon day (Purnima).

Our Photographer enthusiasts from Munger have captured lots of stunning beauty which tell the story of Kashtahrani ghat.I never miss seeing those images. There is certain sanctity in those photographs which make you visit this place.

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Other places to see near to Kashtahrani ghat

  • Shri Krishna Vatika
  • Bihar School of Yoga
  • The site of Munger Ganga Bridge
  • Fort of Munger
  • Small Fort of Munger
  • Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa
  • Goenka Shivalaya ( Machli Talab)
  • Sita Charan (Manpathar )
  • Munger jail

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