Munger Ganga Bridge: A perfect scenery in the countryside

©Copyright image → by Abhay Raj: A splendid view of Munger Ganga Bridge

When it comes to a beautiful and scenic view of nature near to the town of Munger, people always talk about the site of Munger Ganga Bridge near the bank of Ganga. The location offers a splendid view of nature and technology meeting together. Walking on an unpaved road near the bridge  offers an awesome scenic view of Ganga along with Munger Ganga Bridge.


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One could enjoy a pleasant morning walking down the countryside toward the ferry station called ”Jahaz Ghat of Munger” and green farming land near Ganga. Another side is the chaos of the temporarily made workshop by bridge construction authority. The fertile land of Ganga produced a lots of seasonal vegetables and cereals making the land the bread basket of Munger.

 Munger Ganga Bridge overview

Munger Ganga Bridge is a rail-cum-road bridge across the Ganga, at Munger in the Indian state of Bihar. The bridge connects Munger -Jamalpur twin cities to various districts of North Bihar. 

A bird eye view of the town from the top of the bridge
©Copyright image →A bird eye view of the town clicked from the top of the bridge

Munger Ganga Bridge will be the second longest railroad bridge of state Bihar and third longest of the country when gets complete with roadway construction. Rail bridge was inaugurated on 12 March 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi through video conference system. It was finally opened for passenger trains on 11 April 2016 by flagging off Begusarai-Jamalpur DEMU train. These days number of train started plying over the town and crossing the mighty Ganga and smoothening the lifeline for the residences of the people in the districts. It was a dream finally came true for Mungeri to cross the Ganga by train after a long wait of fourteen years.

Bridge and its connections 

The bridge will form a link between NH 80 on the southern side of the Ganges (Munger District)  and NH 31 on the northern side of the Ganges (Begusarai ) once gets complete with its approach road constructions. It connects Jamalpur Junction and Ratanpur stations on the Sahibganj Loop line of Eastern Railway through a new junction namely Sabdalpur Junction on the north end of the bridge to Sahebpur Kamal and Umesh Nagar near Khagaria Junction on the Barauni-Katihar section of East Central Railway. The Bridge connects districts of Begusarai and Khagaria to the Divisional headquarters Munger city.

View of the mighty Ganga from the  bridge
©Copyright image →View of the mighty Ganga from the bridge

Rail cum road still a half dream

Though the half-dream only came true for the countrymen and still the major construction of roadway is pending. But sparking hopes is still there in the people of Munger and neighbours that the road lines of the bridge would be starting very soon.


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Some recent reports say that survey of the lands to be acquired by the administration for constructing the approach road towards Munger side has already been completed and details of the survey report with the amount to be paid to the landowners as compensation has been submitted to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in January 2017. But, the lands could not be acquired till date as the amount to be paid as compensation has not been received by the district administration.

Things to know about Munger Ganga Bridge

©Copyright image →Inside megastructure of the Bridge


  • The Rail-cum-road Munger bridge is 3.7 Km long and once fully completed  would become the second longest railroad bridge of Bihar and third longest of the country.
  • The distance between Khagaria and Munger which was around 140 km travelling via Vikramshila Setu near Bhagalpur has now become a  cakewalk, just criss-crossing the Ganga.
  • Travelling to Begusarai  used to be a cumbersome task via Mokama taking NH 30 of about six hours has now been reduced to just over an hour.
  • Travelling to the districts of north Bihar (Purina, Katihar, Kishanganj, Araria, Mahdepura, Supaul, Saharasa, Muzaffarpur, Madhubani, Mothihari and others north side  )  is now reduced by three to four hours.
©Copyright image →by Saubhik: An early Morning at Munger Ganga Bridge

Things to ponder for the policymakers and government 

  • The Bridge had begun to set up its first pillar 2002 and was supposed to get completed in 2006. But it took more than a decade than the stipulated time to complete just half of its project.
  • Digha–Sonpur Bridge connecting Patna and  Sonpur of Saran district had started its construction in 2003 has already been completed fully in Feb. 2016. This shows how a small town development is choked because of our policymakers and government.
  • Rs 2,500 crore project has not still reflected the actual utilization of railway route as the number express trains crossing the bridge is limited to three only till date. This route could save a lot of time and money for Indian Railway if some of the north moving trains are made to direct via the bridge.   
  • The road on the bridge is complete but approach roads on both ends are not even in initial stage due to lack of land acquisition. The amount to be paid as compensation for land has not been received by the district administration yet.
View of the workshop near to bridge and Bihar School of Yoga
©Copyright image → View of the workshop near to bridge and building on the top is  Bihar School of Yoga

Available train via Munger Ganga Bridge 

At present 08 pairs of trains run across  on this bridge


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  • Jamalpur – Tilrath – Jamalpur DEMU (73451/52)
  • Jamalpur – Tilrath – Jamalpur DEMU (73453/54)
  • Jamalpur – Khagaria – Jamalpur DEMU (73461/62)
  • Jamalpur – khagaria – Jamalpur DEMU (73464/63)
  • Jamalpur Saharsa Passenger Special (05521/22)
  • Raxaul – Hyderabad – Raxual weekly Special (07006/05)
  • Darbhanga – Secunderabad – Darbhanga bi-weekly (07008/07)
  • Bhagalpur – Saharsa Intercity Express (05501/02)

The  Incredible journey  

Jamalpur - Khagaria - Jamalpur DEMU
©Copyright image →Jamalpur – Khagaria – Jamalpur DEMU-73461

The local vendors, farmers, street sellers and Hawkers travel on the bridge in search of the local market on another side of Ganga . The journey is so-called incredible because people cross the bridge by using their bicycles and carrying loads of stuff and sometimes containers full of Milk. The local train is always full of villagers. Looking out the windows of train one could see series of inverted bicycles hanging and containers full of milk tied all over the windows of the train. 


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The huge population of the small town depend on the local market. The accessibility to local market is the very important factor in proper smoothening of  their small business. Since the local train cannot be made frequent and road accessibility has not started yet so they are crossing the bridge incongruously on regular basis and putting their life in danger .

Time to enjoy the lovely view of Munger Ganga Bridge in the countryside clicked by some of the Photographers of Munger.


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